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For many a corrupt official and outdated policy Judgment Day has come; we look at three ways China’s beleaguered court system is changing for the better, from reeducation through labor to paying judges properly. From the courts to the fields, we also look at how the differences inherent in cultivation—the grizzled independence of wheat and the wise solidarity of rice—has affected Chinese culture from north to south. However, that land once tilled by farm hands now plays host to outlet malls, so we take a look at how people change and adapt to the life relocated as the countryside makes way for modernity. Beneath even the soil itself lies one of China’s greatest treasures: a wealth of hominid remains; the bones in China’s earth tell the story of mankind—from the lost bones of the Peking Man to the “dragon bones” of the Lantian Women. Besides all that, we bring you the best in fiction, travel, art, film, interviews, language, and storytelling we hope you’ve come to expect from us here at TWOC.



主题故事:五湖四海的中国人聚在一起闲聊,少不了关于南北差异的话题。调侃归调侃,谁知有人居然较起了真儿。美国学者Thomas Talhelm是第一个拿科学的方法来研究这种差异的人。他说,这都是种小麦和种水稻种出来的。关于这个问题,你怎么看?




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Judgment Day
There is much worry about on the front lines of rule of law, and we take a look at three ways judicial reforms are working to fix age-old worries in China’s court system—from judicial brain drain and jurisdiction to the abolition of reeducation through labor
Hidden throughout China are incredible specimens, the great ancestors of the Homo sapiens. From the Peking man through to the Tianyuan man, the story of man’s progress has been found time and time again in China’s soil.
Rice vs. Wheat
Can the differences inherent in methods of cultivation shape culture? David Dawson looks at how the structure of societies, ancient and modern, are shaped by the independence of wheat and the societal harmony of rice.
The Life Relocated
Outside monuments to consumerism, rural communities try to stave off the march of modernity. Their villages are now high rises and their fields are now lobbies, but they maintain a uniqueness of spirit and culture.
Against the Grain
Get lost in the unbelievably intricate wooden universe carved out by master craftsman Zheng Chunhui who turned an ancient painting into a three-dimensional marvel
Dragon’s Digest
Haunted Rooms
Author and ex-journalist Su Gengsheng weaves a tale of unsettling horror amid the banal frustrations of everyday life as a struggling journalist covering the suicide beat
Songs of the South
The Dong people from Guizhou, Hunan, and Guangxi provinces are a credit to the warm, simple traditions of the southern ethnic minorities—maintaining architectural wonders and music from a bygone age
On the Road
Sunrise before Time
Are the 4,000-year-old monoliths at Taosi China’s answer to Stonehenge? Join a sunrise trip to the now-buried remains of what was perhaps the capital of a grand empire millennia ago among the fields of a Shanxi village.

Shen Fu’s Floating Life
Perhaps the most enigmatic and brilliantly crafted novels of late 19th century Chinese literature, Six Records of a Floating Life is a revealing study into the minutiae and beauty of the drama of the late Qing Dynasty that still holds true today
Time Machine
Ancient China’s Cambodia
Zhou Daguan, who traveled to Cambodia over 700 years ago, was like many young explorers of his time–bold, eloquent, judgmental, and a bit of a pervert. Accompany him on his trip and laugh along with his forays into toilet humor.
Social Chinese
Home Truths
There is nothing kind or pleasant about renting in China—a callous, hateful chore in an industry of malignant cheats and monstrous profiteers. Hopefully, this little guide will help you navigate the hellscape of renting in the Middle Kingdom.
Lost and Love
Child kidnapping literally tears families apart; such drama is surely the stuff of inspiration for any seriously-minded director. Fourth-wave director Peng Sanyuan along with Hong Kong dreamboat Andy Lau take on this grim task in Lost and Love together with a dash of humor, albeit with mixed results.

    《汉语世界》是一份英文双月刊杂志,她通过鲜活有趣的故事、资讯为日益增长的汉语学习者和所有对中国感兴趣的人提供语言、文化信息,令读者在轻松阅读中收获乐趣与灵感。 杂志内容涉及人物、时事、历史、民俗、文化碰撞等方方面面,还与读者分享在中国的学习和生活经验、人情世故和逸闻趣事。在我们的旅游板块中可以读到“中国城市2日游”、“个人探险”等精彩文章;我们的商务板块令“老外”轻松获得在中国工作所需的各类实用的信息;而文化板块、封面故事则从多角度、多侧面展示传统文化和现代中国的发展趋势。 每篇专题文章后面都有附有趣味实用的中文单词、短语,供读者学习。每期有专门开设的语言专题,与读者分享汉语掌故、交际技巧和文化碰撞的趣闻。这些常设栏目将古老和现代的中国文化巧妙融合起来,通过一篇篇妙趣横生的文章展现给汉语学习者。杂志的设计融合了传统中国元素和现代国际化理念,每一页都像一件艺术品,令人赏心悦目。 2008年《汉语世界》获中国出版集团公司重大出版成就项目奖;2010年获得中国版协“2009年度输出版优秀图书奖”;2011年其“文化档案”栏目获得第四届中国出版集团出版奖优秀编辑奖和优秀栏目奖;2011-2013年,杂志内容更是多次被《中国日报》《华尔街日报》《卫报》等知名媒体转载,海外知名度日增。 《汉语世界》有一个国际化的团队,大家的语言文化背景各不相同,但相同的热忱、激情,和对中国语言文化的细腻感受都闪现在每一期杂志的字里行间。通过杂志网站,我们还开设了每日博客、上传关于汉语和中国文化的音频、视频,为读者提供更多、更丰富的资讯。www.theworldofchinese.com 欢迎关注新浪微博@汉语世界杂志社。 《汉语世界》的读者是一个巨大的宝库,他们来自世界各地,但都对中国热情高涨、充满渴求。无论是留学生、职场新秀,还是经验丰富的管理人员,无不渴望了解中华文化、商务资讯、人情世故和语言生活。 国内发行渠道覆盖:大使馆和领事馆,相关政府部门,商会,酒店和公寓,机场和航空公司,留学生管理办公室,国际学校,汉语培训中心,国际医疗服务,连锁店,餐馆和咖啡馆,外文书店,文化协会,等等。海外发行渠道覆盖:全世界数百所孔子学院,大学中文部,中文学校,等等。 


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