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2022 ISSUE 1
The Sports Issue

Ahead of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, we investigate the development of sports for people with disabilities and those in the countryside; venture with yak herders onto the Tibetan Plateau; make predictions for China’s independent documentary scene; talk to coffee connoisseurs in Yunnan; and more.





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Sports for All
Since Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics, China has committed to making itself an athletic nation. Yet sports players with disabilities still struggle for funding and recognition, despite being at the top of their game in international competitions; and the country’s goal to get every village enjoying basketball is still a distant reality. Now that China is hosting the Winter Games in 2022, is it finally time to make sports inclusive to all?
Feature Stories 主题故事
Testing Grounds
Yunnan province produces 98 percent of China’s coffee, much of it in the traditional tea-growing region of Pu’er. But for farmers and roasters alike, costs, competition, and quality are hurdles to developing the brand of Yunnan coffee and making a splash on the international scene.
A Concession to Fame
Shanghai’s former French Concession, with its picturesque art deco apartments and 1930s terraced homes, was made to go viral. But as rent goes up, influencers flood in, and swanky cafes replace wet markets, the local elders are wondering who benefits from the tourism boom.
Field Notes 乡音
Forgotten Lives
Though leprosy has almost disappeared from China, many recovered patients continue to live in communities where they were once isolated from society. A filmmaker travels to Guangdong province to discover what brought residents to one such “leprosy village”—and what keeps them there.
Kaleidoscope 镜像中国
It’s Snow Time!
With temperatures around minus-20 degrees Celsius, winter in the Northeast of China, also known as Dongbei, is not for the faint-hearted. This year, the sparsely populated region saw some of the heaviest snowfall in over 100 years, but residents, as always, manage to carry on. From selling naturally frozen fruits to creative transportation methods in the snow, these photos show how China’s Dongbei folks survive extreme conditions with resourcefulness and humor.

Dragon’s Digest 三味书屋
“Hi-Lee-Bon, Hi-Lee-Bon jumpin’, jump right up and land in a coffin”: an old man, a mysterious snack, and a school yard rhyme set the scene for this cynical and humorous tale by Zheng Zaihuan, which takes place in a dusty rural town that resembles the writer’s own childhood home.
Chifa La!
A fusion of Cantonese cooking and Peruvian ingredients, chifa, the food of Chinese immigrants to Peru, has become a comfort meal and family dinner ritual in its own right in its adopted country. Several Chinese Peruvians reminisce about their family history and what cuisine means to their heritage.

Gallery 水墨丹青
A New Way of Seeing
Fashion photographer Li Xiaoliang, or Alexvi, effortlessly straddles two universes—in commercial shoots with some of the world’s highest-profile celebrities; and in his own studio and exhibitions, where his personal works ask hard questions about self-image and the modeling industry.
On The Road 在路上
Yak of All Trades
High up on the Tibetan Plateau, the traditional new year celebration is also a time for administering medicine to local families’ yak herds. Our writer travels to Sichuan’s Ngawa region to assist with this annual task, and witnesses how the Tibetan herding economy adapts to the modern age.

Bookmark 好书有笺
When China Goes on the Road
Between 1912 and 1949, affluent urban Chinese discovered travel, and tour companies advertised the exotic culture of ethnic minorities—sound familiar? In her new book Touring China, historian Yanjun Mo documents Chinese tourism in the Republican era and finds many parallels to today.
Zoetrope 视听空间
Rough Cut
In the 1990s and early 2000s, portable cameras revolutionized China’s film world, allowing independent documentary makers to travel the country and uncover social issues. But as regulations tighten, the market contracts, and filmmakers turn to arthouse styles, is there still a future for indie documentaries?
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