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2021 ISSUE 2
The Debt Issue

China is building up a mountain of credit: we investigate the looming debt crisis and its solutions. Daoism adapts to the 21st century; juvenile crime leads to a debate on the age of criminal responsibility; 5G technology transforms coal mines; changes come to one of the last matrilineal cultures in the world; and more





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Dawn of the Debt
China is known as a “nation of savers,” but debt is becoming a reality for urbanized young consumers who grew up in prosperity and feel peer pressure to spend. Yet formal credit has a short history in China, and neither the law nor consumers’ financial savvy has caught up with the boom in predatory online micro-loans. Meanwhile, most financial services remain out of reach for rural borrowers. What will it take for China to balance the books?
Feature Stories
A New Way of Dao
On misty Leigutai Mountain, a Daoist priest and three young followers balance duties both worldly and divine. As temples open up their rituals to tourists and rebrand their culture to appease the government, what is the way forward for this ancient religion in the 21st century?
Enabling the Movement
Recent news of a family torturing their disabled daughter-in-law to death cast a bleak light on the double vulnerability of disabled women in China. Three women with disabilities share their struggles and their work advocating for inclusion in policy, society, and feminism
Minor Offense
Several shocking news incidents and a hit TV show have brought juvenile crime to the national agenda. China has lowered the age of prosecution from 14 to 12, but lawyers and advocates are pushing for preventative solutions focused on mental health and “left-behind children”
Kaleidoscope 镜像中国
All in A Day’s Wok
The sleepy village of Shichuan in Anhui province has a steamy secret: For hundreds of years, families there have cast iron woks in the traditional way. From the furnaces that fire up in the early morning to the vapor-shrouded woks cooling down at the end of the day, photographer Meng Qingchun captures scenes of hard labor and expert craftsmanship at a local foundry—to whose signature product all of Chinese cuisine owes a debt
Dragon’s Digest 三味书屋
The Stranger on the Train
China’s hectic “Spring Festival Migration” is fabled throughout the world, but can you also feel lonely on a journey of homecoming? Writer Wu Shangwei explores the chance encounters that inspire yearnings and misunderstandings on a long train ride
Gallery 水墨丹青
Canvassing the Neighborhood
Artistic voyeur Song Yonghong delights in the intimacies and tensions of everyday spaces. Since his debut in the 1990s, the Beijing-based painter has eschewed grand visions to focus on the contradictions of the individual in Chinese society
Tech Support 永动机
The New 49ers
Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in China—but technology can help. 5G remote drilling and AI soil analysis promise to prevent accidents, protect workers’ health, and even mitigate soil erosion, though cost and poor regulation of illegal mines remain huge barriers
On The Road 在路上
Mosuo on the Move
Living 2,500 meters above sea level by the crystal-clear Lugu Lake, the Mosuo people of southwestern China are world-renowned for their matrilineal culture. But as tourists flock in and Mosuo migrate out, the customs of this alpine community are evolving with the times. What is the future for the “last matrilineal society on earth”?
Bookmark 好书有笺
Distant Pastures
Xinjiang-born writer Li Juan makes her international debut with two English-translated books. Winter Pasture and Distant Sunflower Fields follow Kazakh herders and Li’s own Han family through seasons of growth, renewal, and change in China’s far northwest
Zoetrope 视听空间
All About ING
A critics’ favorite at the FIRST Film Festival, and shot in Cantonese, director Huang Zi’s semi-autobiographical film sees a family grapple with terminal illness, memory, and death, blending dream and reality with documentarylike techniques and a haunting setting
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