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2021 ISSUE 3

The Retired Life Issue


China’s elderly experience little rest in retirement as they move to cities to care for grandchildren, or head online to build fanbases on livestreaming apps. Big money brings high stakes to traditional pigeon-racing; a model Mars base draws tourists to the Qinghai desert; China’s porcelain capital adapts to the 21st century, and more




















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Something New, Something Old
Youth may be the “rear waves” that will shape the future, but China’s growing senior population proves it’s possible to teach elders new tricks. From migrating to the city to becoming online influencers, as well as learning to travel solo, the over-55 population is seeking to redefine their identity beyond family and work. At the same time, childcare obligations, economic pressure, and mental health issues are threatening to keep seniors from living the life they want.

Feature Stories 主题故事
Shards of History
For centuries, China was synonymous with fine pottery, and the town of Jingdezhen was the epicenter of the craft. As industrial production wanes and young urbanites open boutique studios in town, Jingdezhen’s artisans are remolding their identities as inheritors of the ancient art.
Ruling the Roost
Once a pastime for retirees, pigeon racing has become a billion-yuan sport fraught with high stakes, gambling, and fraud. Despite increased competition and skyrocketing fees, pigeon enthusiasts share why they continue to stay in the game.
Portraits 人物
Searching for Asia’s Rarest Fruits
From Sumatra’s rainforests to Guangdong’s markets, vlogger Yang Xiaoyang has sampled more than 1,000 exotic fruit species. The “fruit hunter” has turned his passion into a sweet online gig, educating four million followers on the science and cultural traditions behind fruits all across Asia.
Kaleidoscope 镜像中国
All Is Well
In the Hakka villages of Wuping county, Fujian, “every well has a story,” says photographer Li Guochao. Even as the homes get equipped with tap water, wells remain the cornerstones of these close-knit communities as a (literal) watering hole where neighbors can exchange news. A native of Wuping, Li joins a group of villagers for their annual “changing the well” ceremony, where the wells get a thorough scrub-down and fresh water with which to nourish new life in the coming year.
Dragon’s Digest 三味书屋
The Night Is for Lovers
Hailed as a pioneer of “Beijing drifter scar literature,” Yuan Zi is a rising literary voice among China’s millennial writers. A selection of poetry and short stories from the 34-year-old explore themes of being young, lonely, and unmoored in the city.
Gallery 水墨丹青
Tapestry of Life and Death
Weaving nuance into heavy subjects, Yue Mingyue threads birth, life, death, and labor into gauze and embroidery. Whether looking inward at her own childhood or outward at women in history, the young textile artist creates aesthetics as well as a message.
Diaspora 四海一家
Remembering Corky Lee
Spanning a 50-year career across the US, the late Corky Lee’s photography put Chinese and Asians at the forefront of American history. We reprint Lee’s most iconic images in memory of the photographer, who passed away from Covid-19 in January 2021.
On The Road 在路上
2021: A Mars Camp Odyssey
Lacking water, inhabitants, and phone reception, the deserts of Qinghai are the closest thing on Earth to an alien world. A “Mars Camp” in the sands takes advantage of China’s new interest in space tourism to attract travelers and sci-fi writers to a simulated Martian colony.
Chi Le Ma 吃了吗
Only Yolking
Few foods were as highly vaunted by ancient Chinese foodies as crab roe—but this delicacy doesn’t come cheap. Crab roe tofu is a popular summer dish that substitutes salted egg yolk for the golden roe, creating a rich flavor and sumptuous texture in its own right.
Zoetrope 视听空间
Seas of Memory
A ticket for the Titanic, crowded with eight Chinese names, starts Steven Schwankert and Arthur Jones’ search for the shipwreck’s Chinese survivors in The Six. The documentary follows their cross-borders quest to rebuild historical memory and question why it’d been lost.

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